December 2nd, 2006

Whale fluke

More music thinkage

Two songs that Greasy Kid Stuff played today made me think of a couple of you.

coffeeinhell, one of the songs was a Jonathan Richman song about his pit bull, with the line
He's a pit bull
And he's not mean
He loves for the children to pat him on the head
And he still thinks life is funny
I found the lyrics here. Be aware (if you’re not, though I wouldn’t be surprised if you were) that the song is titled “Our Dog Is Getting Older Now,” so other parts are a little…emotional. (Says the guy whose family had a pet Labrador Retriever who lived to age 16.)

And leonardpart6, on a completely different note, the show also played “James Bond Lives Down Our Street” by the Toy Dolls:
My name is Bond! James Bond.

James Bond lives down our street
I've seen him he catches the 32 bus
James Bond lives down our street
Sometimes he sits on the back seat with us
He's got a gun strapped to his chest
You can't shoot him in a bullet proof vest
A clever lad but can be a pest sometime

0.0.7. James Bond lives down our street
Jimmy's a spy but both you and I know
Sean Connery or Roger Moore, that I'm not quite sure
But what I know is James Bond...
Lives down our street

James Bond lives down our street
Sometimes he gets a helicopter to work
James Bond lives down our street
Me dad's old-fashioned and he says he's a jerk
He's always chasing a heavy mob
He should go out and get a proper job
He should go out and get a proper job sometime

Down our street there lives a spy
Says he works for M.I. 5
He's always a star when you're having a party
Says he went to school with Russel Harty
He's a real smarty
He is a real smarty.

My hair is Blonde! dyed blonde!
(Those lyrics here.)
Whale fluke


So. Money question:

A 25-cent piece is still good if there's a 1/12-inch hole drilled through it, right?
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Whale fluke


Decided to take a head-clearing walk tonight. Not sure how much clearer my head is, but I did walk in the brisk air for a couple of miles (through Westmoreland down to the bend at the west end of Bybee Blvd., where a tree happens to be lit up for Christmas on the bluff overlooking Oaks Park, and then back home).

I returned to my warm place, had popcorn, and watched the movie Reign of Fire, and I'm smiling about that film. It did a good job of satisfying my end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it story jones; in the movie, dragons return, causing the collapse of civilization and the deaths of billions, and the body of the film concerns the attempt by British and American survivors to take back the world from the dragons. I was surprised at how much the shooting style of the fighting scenes reminded me of the current Battlestar Galactica; dragons and Cylons certainly aren't quite analogous, but Reign of Fire and Battlestar have similar mixes of familiar and unfamiliar tech and weapons, as well as a really threatening feel to the fighting. Overall, it's starkly shot, nicely designed (yeah, castles wouldn't be the most comfortable places to live, but you could make it work), well-cast (yay Alexander Siddig! And I'm sure coffeeinhell liked the sight of buffed-up Christian Bale...), and mostly avoiding Waterworld-style ridiculousness, to the point that it's easy for an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it story fan like me to imagine something like this could almost happen. happyspector, you've seen this film, right?