December 7th, 2006

Whale fluke

Reasons today was a good day:

* I was almost bouncy at work in the morning, motivating myself by listening to Luscious Jackson's Electric Honey. Me like. The second-to-last track "Fly" just makes me happy.

* I got more proficient at a new thing I have to do at work to do my job, and -- this will amaze you -- this more complicated procedure started to be kind of fun. And it helps that I know it WORKS! For a time I couldn't do a major part of my job because it was a crapshoot whether my correction would get saved (long story...long, long story), but now I know what to do. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is good.

* I was able to wrap up work early and go out to dinner with the rep from my company who's on site at my hospital. We rode a shuttle to her hotel, then hopped the streetcar to the north end of downtown (she spent the trip telling me what goes on in Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson's Dune prequels, which she's reading) and enjoyed, enjoyed, enjoyed dinner at Typhoon! on SW Broadway. I had crispy duck -- maybe only the second time in my life I've had duck. Verruh good. Verruh, verruh good. The co-worker shared beef and we split a rice plate, and we told stories.

* I was also able to find out that I have fans. And supporters. Being literally the only person from my company at my hospital, I can feel really cut off -- more so lately (yet another long story) -- but I know more thoroughly now that I've made a good impression. Hey, be a good person and do good work: that can help in life, y'know?

* And now I'll take it easy, and (I hope) sleep quite well tonight.