December 8th, 2006

Whale fluke

R.I.P. Logan Whitehurst

Logan Whitehurst, a discovery of Dr. Demento's who's written many very fun and clever songs, passed away from cancer last Sunday at age 29.

I learned this tonight on the bus home, flipping through the copy of the Portland Mercury I'd picked up yesterday but left in my backpack. My jaw dropped; I almost dropped the paper, too. Great: another good person and musician dying young, and in his case extremely young.

He was already sick the one time I saw him. Early in 2004, I attended all four nights of Dr. Demento's Reed College visit (which I wrote about earlier this year), and one night the good doctor had Whitehurst -- and his prop snowman, Vanilla -- perform for us. Demento was impressed with this young man and his work, saying that he had found his own way to be funny, as opposed to too many wanna-be funny songwriters who try to emulate Weird Al "and keep missing by a country mile." Whitehurst got us to sing along to "The Robot Cat":
When I say 'Ro,' you say 'Bot'
Ro, BOT, Ro, BOT,
When I say 'Bot,' you say 'Cat'
Bot, CAT, Bot, CAT...
Turns out he'd first become ill at the end of 2003: brain cancer. Which he fought off. But which later got replaced by more cancers (yes, plural). And he kept working while fighting the cancers, finishing a not-yet-released album called Very Tiny Songs.

Logan Whitehurst's official site can be reached here or here, where there is a message from his younger sister Emily. And in the Portland Mercury is a tribute written by his friend and colleague Ezra Ace Caraeff in his "Once More With Feeling" Column.

Argh. Clearly I need to get elected God to stop all this bad death.
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Whale fluke

Happier things

While I don't plan to turn this blog into Musician Eulogy Central, I'll still memorialize people who aren't with us anymore, people I miss. But I'll keep reminding myself of good stuff, and reminding you as well.

Like how Wil Wheaton, another Smartass Sweetheart of the Internet, pointed today to this photo of a sunset on Mars. Beautiful. (Be aware: the image is large.)

And another thing more immediately Of The Good is that on the bus tonight, the #66 (which I took to S.E. 39th so I could take another bus to Trader Joe's and get groceries and dinner), I helped a woman who was on the wrong bus. She'd thought it was the #68 bus from OHSU, but when she told me she just needed to get to the Max light rail, I let her know that the #66 would end at a Max station, so she was fine (if going out of her way). So she was no longer lost because of me.

And now dinner -- comprised of rice and taquitos -- awaits.
Whale fluke

2006 recap Meme

Here's that paste-the-first-line-from-each-month's-first-LJ-entry-all-in-a-bunch meme:

Jan. ’06: (Suggestion: Read this if A) you’ve already seen King Kong, or B) are not planning on seeing it anyway.
Feb.: I just mistyped the name Jimmy as "Jimmu."
Mar.: Dreamt last night that I was a janitor cleaning up a corner of a villain's giant secret lair while the villain and James Bond fought elsewhere in it...
Apr.: I hunker down even more on April Fool's Day than normal.
May: I fumble-fingered the phrase "thank you" and accidentally typed "Than ou."
June: There's a midnight showing tonight at the Bagdad (my former neigborhood's theater) of James Cameron's Aliens.
July: You probably wouldn't be surprised that when I get tired, I repeat myself.
Aug.: A Ponderable for y'all: Why does anyone say "You're kidding!"?
Sept.: (set to the tune of "Bus Stop") Cross walk, I wait, cars go, no brakes, they want me as rooooad-killll...
Oct.: On this thread about “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album and the song “Don’t Download This Song” – a song I told a colleague this week “may be genuinely brilliant” – leonardpart6 wrote “The only thing wrong with "Download" is that I genuinely wish he'd have gotten a bunch of other singers to perform it with him, USA For Africa-style, just to underline the whole thing.”
Nov.: Mike Russell interviews Australian director George Miller (who made both the Babe films and The Road Warrior) about his new animated film Happy Feet.
Dec.: "And what does that give you?" "OPTIONS!" -- from the movie Miracle