December 12th, 2006

Whale fluke

*yawns and stretches*

Another just-waking-up post. I don't yet feel much brain power pumping through my brain this morning. At the moment I'm probably mainly able to enjoy Beavis & Butthead.

Which makes it good that -- hurray! -- I have all three volumes of Beavis & Butthead: The Mike Judge Collection. (A present from me to me!!!)

Speaking of DVD (is there a way to shorten that? I keep wanting to pronounce it "D'vid," kind of like Ben Stiller in Zoolander), tonight I'll pick up from the library the DVD of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. A lot of that flick's been running through my head lately (especially James Horner's Morituri-goes-nuts musical motif for when the hijacked Reliant is preparing to attack the Enterprise), and I figure Nick Meyer does a thoughtful commentary track.

Oh, and in really, really good friend news: tanuki_green has a new job! Before his previous job ends! Woo hoo! (As announced by his wife copperwise) Congrats, man. You still have it. Best of the good luck.
Whale fluke


Odd day. Not bad-odd, just kind of odd-odd. I think I got a fair amount done at work, but it doesn't quite feel like it, kind of like I can't quite convince myself. (But I'm more glad I have my little radio at my desk now.)

This may be random. You're warned.

Today was OHSU's annual employee appreciation day, celebrated with food on an unfinished floor of the Kohler Pavilion. The central table for appetizers had a giant OHSU logo on it, lit blue. I saw it light up the face of a short-haired woman leaning over next to it so she looked a bit like an Andorian.

After work, and while at the library, I decided to let myself have my once-a-season hamburger. I'm glad I indulged; I had a jack cheese cheesburger at the Virginia Cafe downtown (and it turned out to be at Happy Hour price, something a non-bar patron like me wouldn't have realized but which I certainly didn't mind), and even did a good deed: I felt something baggy under my table, pulled it out, saw it was a backpack, and got it to the cafe's Lost And Found. The owner of the bag did get it back before I left.

Oh, and my choice of reading, Lisey's Story by Stephen King, got commented on twice this evening. A woman on the #8 noted it while looking up from Hannibal (catching up on that before reading Hannibal Rising, I guess). Later, on the Transit Mall waiting for the #19 bus to home, I got into a talk with some guy who had loved King's Dark Tower series except for the ending. Well, considering King warns people that they probably won't like the ending, I'm not sure I have much sympathy for that, but I did try to explain to the guy why I thought the story needed to end the way that it did. (He also seemed a little surprised at first that King was still publishing, because he talked about how King had talked about retiring back when he was finishing that series. So he seemed to be working from slightly old info. But he was a Bruce Campbell fan, so I'm sure he's an all-right guy.) And, of course, later I thought of even better, more articulate reasons The Dark Tower should've ended that way.

But before that, my bus had an accident. The #19 was heading down the curves towards SW 1st and Arthur and the approach to the Ross Island Bridge when we riders felt a mmmmp against us. The driver pulled over as soon as she could, as did the car that was involved in the mmmmp, and (according to the driver; my back was to the accident) apparently the car turned into the side of the bus as the car and the bus followed the curve to the right (just after the giant "SLOW -- 15 MPH" sign, for those of you who know Portland). Knowing that the bus would have to be there for awhile, for an investigation (and, likely, a back-up bus), I got out and walked to the 1st and Arthur stop, boarded the first #9 headed towards the bridge, and walked home from Milwaukie and Powell. I am flexible, I am, I am.