December 26th, 2006

Whale fluke

Eet's a Chreestmas meeracle!

So what was the huge surprise at Christmas dinner last night?

A cousin who lives in New York City showing up at my folks' place.

This weekend my cousin Jeff (a bank employee in Manhattan) made an impromptu trip back here, arrived at his family home in Dayton, hid in his old bedroom and waited for his parents and his younger sister to show up...and he walked in and surprised them.

The Dayton Walshes kept this totally quiet until the moment Jeff walked into Mom and Dad's kitchen. I said "Oh, my God." Jeff's mom, my Aunt Peg, said, "NOW you see why I'm in a good mood?'

Good thing he was here, too, to help pack away more of our food. Dinner was goooooooood: prime rib and ham and two salads (which I had two servings of each) and baked potatoes and rolls and sparkling pomegranate juice. After dinner I also had some of the pinot gris my Uncle Bill Paulsen (of the family we visited Sunday) grew, and it also was goooooooood.

I like that my family members can stil happily surprise me.