Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Look out below! (A moment while walking)

During that walk to start breaking in my new pair of shoes, I reached Kern Park. It's between SE 66th and 67th, and right off of Center. I heard a noise I'm still getting used to: the noise from drone engines, because a drone hit the pavement in the SE Center-67th intersection. A driver stopped when she saw the crashed drone, then she carefully steered around it. As she drove away to the north, I stood in the intersection, checking that no other cars were on their way. The man who'd been piloting the drone while also running his dog walked over, climbed over the park fence, and thanked me for standing vigil, as it were. He also apologized for flying it while also playing out for his dog: that was probably Too Much Multitasking, I'm guessing. He picked it up and returned to the park and his dog.

This is the closest I've come to getting dive-bombed by a drone.
Tags: peregrinations

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