January 30th, 2007

Whale fluke

For the love of s00j (a little more on why last night rocked)

I'm still tired from last night. But it was worth it: for the hugs (I got called a good hugger!); for stealthcello adding waves of musical warmth with her cello; for introducing Dawn to "the crack-snack"; for the Gypsy Rules (which Sooj's boyfriend K' recited in slightly revised form, as a kid was in our little audience); for meeting fellow LJers tryss and lovelyangel; for the breast-cancer survivor alternate lyrics to "Mama Dragon" (e.g., s00j changed "If your mind goes blank...just make it up" to "If your boob falls out...just pick it up"); for summing up the story behind the song "Go Away Godboy" with the copperwise line "If you're Jesus and you know it, take your meds"; for Sooj's story of the adorable little Russian girl who said "My soul is hurting!" and inspired the song "Witchka"; for me and tryss trying out our Mr. Burns impressions on each other; for the pizza and the orange soda; for the totally unexpected use by Dawn of "porch monkey" from Clerks II; for the singalongs; for realizing that the letter "B" is a voluptuous letter; for the alligator toys and the alligator song and the alligator hats (s'truth); and for just so much Sooj goodness radiating out over our small audience for nearly three hours.

It was worth it.

P.S. to s00j: I'll be quieter during sound check next time. *smiles sheepishly*

P.P.S. to shadesong: You've really got a fan in s00j. Not that you doubted that, I'm sure...