February 11th, 2007

Whale fluke

My good deed for the day

As I talk about here, I just donated funds via PayPal to a Boston-area store that's put out a special plea for help.

Pandemonium Books of Cambridge (OUR FAIR CITY), Mass. is a science fiction/fantasy/gaming store which hosted a musical performance by s00j and a reading by Sooj's friend catvalente last December (which yendi wrote about here); that's how I heard of the place. On Thursday, the store's owner and president posted this plea to help the store dig out from under a significant debt brought on by a difficult year of operation.

People can support Pandemonium Books either by buying T-shirts or making a direct donation. I don't need T-shirts, but I made a small donation because I want this store to stay open. I've never been there (never got over to Cambridge the one time I was in the Boston area, back in 1998 for reasons that are sad reasons, so I won't repeat them in this post), but friends of mine swear by the place. (My LJ friends list alone has included four pleas from Pandemonium supporters in the past few days.)

So a store that I've never been to and never bought from is getting support from someone like me who's 3,000 miles away. Yeah: The Internet can be a good thing.
Whale fluke

Neill Cumpston is a God. Oh, and stuff that's actually about ME!


* Saved from my own dumb-ass move!: I headed out to my car this afternoon and found -- oh, shoot -- I hadn't closed the door completely the last time I'd driven it. The door was locked, but not flush with the car body. I grumbled to myself, stuck in the key to see (hoping against hope) if I still have juice in the battery...and I did, because (and this isn't normal) at some point I'd set the overhead light to Always Off No Matter What position. So no drain on my battery! I could drive! *goes "phew" and wipes sweat from brow*

* Eclectic purchasings today: the first issue of the Dark Tower comic series, more of Caitlin's run on The Dreaming, Krispy Kreme (I wanted a treat), more minutes on my long-distance phone card, and one bizarre-double-feature of a DVD double-up: the extras-packed edition of The Iron Giant and the extended, even-more-disturbing version of Natural Born Killers.

* Sighted at the 82nd and Foster Fred Meyer: a guy who could've been Silent Bob and Banky Edwards morphed togther into one dude. Askewniverse represennnnnnnt!

* (With thanks to curt_holman for the link): an absolutely insane review of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. "Insane" as in "by Neill Cumpston," who interrupts his own review to summarize his idea for The Greatest Movie Ever. The formatting is all wonky on the review page, so here's the text Collapse )
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