March 10th, 2007

Whale fluke

You Can't Take the Sky From Me

In news sure to delight -- oh, let's see -- coffeeinhell, happyspector, zarhooie, celticfeministw, yendi (and I think shadesong), merussell, and probably a bunch of others...

...I have waiting for me at the library the DVD box set of the entire TV series Firefly. I've seen the film spin-off, Serenity, twice, and have meant for a while to see the series. And as Mike Russell told me in an e-mail last year, "Oh, good Lord: Serenity the movie (which is really just the $40-million series finale of Firefly) isn't even the best episode of the series. You're going to go nuts once you see it."

And see it I shall. Finally. Cool.

Then I can read kradical's novelization of Serenity, because he specifically tied in events from the series into the movie, and I'll be able to spot the connections!

I also have scantily-clad Jewel Staite as Kaylee in my future. ;-) Yes, I'm a heterosexual man. (She's not scantily clad in the link!)

Hey, quick and probably dumb question for the Browncoats I know: the episode order on the DVD set is the suggested/preferred order for viewing these shows, right?

Wee don't need no steenkin' patches!


Daylight Savings Time starts early this year. As in four hours from now, my time.

My old computer? It won't be using whatever patch Microsoft has sent out to deal with the early change. After I post this, all I'll do is adjust the time on the little clock in the lower right-hand corner.

And then adjust the clock again, oh, three weeks from now when this old thing thinks Daylight Savings Time begins.

I adjust. It's what I do.
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