March 31st, 2007


All productive 'n' stuff

Stuff What's Been Done:

* Shopping, shopping, shopping: I went on kind of a Great Circle Route in Portland, hitting two supermarkets and one comic book store; and

* Catch-up office work: I spent a couple of hours at my office on Pill Hill. That was between Shopping Stop #1 (the 39th & Powell Safeway, to use a particular coupon) and Shopping Stop #2 (Fred Meyer at Burlingame, south of Pill Hill). I burned through many, many e-mails that needed work and responses; and then

* Lunner! Could that be what you call a meal between lunch and dinner? I didn't leave work until after 3 o'clock; since I drove, I had more flexibility in where I could go shopping, and I decided it made the most sense to go to the Burlingame Freddy's. A couple of blocks away from it is a Baja Fresh restaurant, which I walked over to from the Freddy's parking lot. I had a nicely satisfying fish taco and a tortilla soup with chicken. I actually said "that hit the spot" to the counter person who'd taken my order. I then walked back, remembering that this is one of the neighborhoods where Chuck Palahniuk lived before he got famous. I also walked so I'd get a leeettle more exercise, which is always needed.

By the way, I went to the Milwaukie Things From Another World on the spur of the moment, because I was heading home via the Sellwood Bridge and realized it wouldn't be much of a detour. At that comic book store I got Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Vol. 2, the final edition of the comic (about 10 years late, but that can be Harlan for you) and -- finally! -- the last two issues I needed so that I could have Caitlin R. Kiernan's complete run on The Dreaming.
Whale fluke

I hear voices

I know this now: I like blubeagle's voice.

We've just talked on the phone for over an hour. It's the first time we've actually heard each other's voices, even though we've been friends via on-line communicatin' since 2003. 2003! That's a while.

I know lots of people with good voices. I like good voices (it's a big part of what I find attractive in someone; my former girlfriend Alicia has a great voice, too, you know). I'm glad to know that hers is a good voice, too. Now I need to know if hers is an evil laugh...I did hear blubeagle laugh, but I haven't heard an evil laugh from her yet. But hey, there's always the next call...
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