April 12th, 2007

Whale fluke

God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut

Thank you for 84 productive, thought-provoking years.

Thank you for being provocative, and inspiring, and giving me images from Cat's Cradle and Hocus Pocus that still stick with me 15-plus years after I read it (in high school, as many of us do).

Thank you for breaking my heart with emotionally flat writing, which is part of the genius of Slaughterhouse-5.

Hell, even thank you for being willing to make fun of yourself in Back to School.

I'm sad that you're no longer with us, but I'm glad we had you for 84 years.

Always trying to be kind,
Chris Walsh

"Do you want to take a nightcap?" "No thank you, I don't wear them."

Tired. 'Twas a day of darting and jumping, including an errand: bussing and Max'ing out to the airport to pick up my Aunt Nancy's car (she headed home to Guam today after her month on the mainland). Feeling I deserved a treat, I stopped on the way home at Milwaukie Teriyaki and got chicken-and-yakisoba, enough for both dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, and when I got home...

...yay! I perked up at a package for me from s00j. CDs, plus a card promoting her band project Tricky Pixie, plus some genuine lagniappe: a sampler CD called "Critters and Such," eight songs ranging from older songs to too-new-for-albums songs. Cool! Good end-of-the-night music. (When I got home, I waited to play "Critters and Such" and instead played Danny Elfman's score to that bad Planet of the Apes remake. I was in the mood for harsh and percussive at that point...)