April 26th, 2007


Yes! A happy run-in

My eyes did not deceive me: my college friend Beth sometimes rides the same bus as me.

I was walking a few minutes ago through OHSU's halls and ran into her. We'd both thought we'd seen each other on the bus a couple of days ago, but neither of us tried to say "Hi" that time. Today we finally did, and boy am I glad. She's studying something in the medical field, now; and sometime between college and now she also worked in a school, thinking she'd get into education.

But wow: she's been on my mind, and now she's in my work neighborhood. Cool.
Whale fluke

A little practice vacation

To quote Terminator 2, "I need a vacation."

And I'm currently dotting the "I"s and crossing the "T"s to let that happen -- ensuring someone can cover my big main work duty, requesting Paid Time Off, looking for a hotel room -- and what will happen will be two extra days off.

I'm hardcore, y0. ;-)

On Thursday, May 3rd I'll drive to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast, and spend two nights near the beach. I need to see ocean. I haven't been to the coast since the end of 2005. And I haven't gotten a hotel room for myself since 1998 (the one time I've visited Boston so far). I need to remind myself that I can take trips and pay for places to stay.

Oh, and...Kyllo's, here I come! (Me likes that place.)
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