April 29th, 2007


Just call me Mr. Space-y

See if you can follow my still-awakening-self here:

A few minutes ago I decided I wanted a morning banana, and looked in my small kitchen unable to find the batch of bananas I bought yesterday, and it only slowly dawned on me that I hadn't bought a batch because I'd grabbed a batch, weighed it on a scale, wrote down the approximate price on a notepad and then walked away from the scale without taking back the bananas...

Good thing I have other things to eat. And that bananas don't feel rejection.
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Yo soy El Productivo! (which is very bad Spanish for "I'm the Productive One!")

Out. About. 'twas my afternoon:

Bus, to downtown, to library, returning Eldest and borrowing a library DVD of Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, then browsing at the downtown Powell's and eating at El Grillo (taquitos, in honor of Gir) and then to the bus again, to the haircut place where I go. Which means that the wavy-and-nearly-curly hair you can see in this picture I linked to earlier is now much shorter. I'm more prepared for my vacation; I didn't want to futz with my hair while traveling.

And now: home. And dinner. And relaxing. Exciting, I tell you.