May 29th, 2007


From the maker of Refrigerated Kitten, comes...

...Caffeinated Gnat!

Actual dream imagery from last night -- which included someone snuggling an impossible foot-long bee, me about to get shot by Captain Barbossa, and Tom Green pulling a stunt on a bike one full story high -- was a woman (Lucy Liu, I think) serving me up a plate of gnats. Which could be eaten. Which were still flying, though very close to the plate. And which had caffeine.

Considering I recently dreamed of a refrigerated kitten, and that I've dreamt like this all my life, maybe I shouldn't be surprised...
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Chris DeBarr's love letter to Louisiana

Worth sharing: chefcdb, known in the wider world as New Orleans chef Chris DeBarr, recently took vacation with his significant other Poppy Z. Brite to Grand Isle, Louisiana. And there, on the edge of Louisiana, these two longtime birders sighted Magnificent Frigatebirds. Which reminded DeBarr of his memories related to surviving Hurricane Katrina and why he and Poppy have fought to help New Orleans:

And here are those thoughts and memories.

There's eloquence and humor and anger and pain in what he wrote.