June 10th, 2007

Whale fluke

Happy Birthday, stagger_lee77!

Today thirty years ago, stagger_lee77 made her grand entrance into this world. And as one of the Smartass Sweethearts I've gotten to know via The LiveJournal, she deserves and gets a birthday shoutout. Happy Birthday, Lee! Here's to no longer getting shot at! (Lee served in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.)

Many words from her Very Significant Other supremegoddess1 about why Lee rocks are here. (That's also where SG1 both puts many photos of the two of them and details her successfully cunning plan to give Lee 30 gifts, one for each year of her life so far.)

stagger_lee77 is profane, passionate, hilarious, and geeky, and she wears Cookie Monster T-shirts. What's not to like?
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iAm iSaid

Austerity measures ;-)

I spent more money last month than normal: my Oregon Coast trip, gifts for people ranging from octoberland to The Decemberists's Colin Meloy (Caitlin novels represennnnnt!), donations both to shadesong's upcoming web comic (and by the way, I wasn't the only one) and to mslaynie's send-my-son-to-camp-for-kids-with-diabetes fund, plus the week-to-week purchasing that I always do.

Now, I vow, I'm slowing down my use of monies. For one, it's a good habit. For another, I'm preparing for some traveling.

I may have mentioned it before, but I'll take time off in early August to go to San Francisco, and then on the first Saturday of the month I'll see my cousin Walter marry his longtime lady-of-his-life Sasky.

And after that, I might have some other reasons for saving my money now so that money can be spent later.

I smile, enigmatically.

(One thing this means is, my gifts to people are going to be less grand for a bit, more like photos and newspaper clippings than Oregon Coast-bought salmon and BPAL. Or maybe I could write poems for people...)
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Review you can't use

Charles Fleischer (comedian and Roger Rabbit voice artist) back in 1989, about one of that summer's films:

"Oh, Karate Kid III, can you imagine what that's about? I HAVE NO IDEA. What, you think he'll learn some moves and get into a fight with a big, bad guy and win? No chance! It'll probably have a surprise ending, like La Bamba."
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