June 11th, 2007


You can help someone

Putting a needed link front and center:

mslaynie is still raising money to be able to send her son to a special camp for diabetic kids.

I donated to her last month. So did several others, reaching past the halfway mark to $834. The family needs $1,500. The family's made it very easy to donate. If you can help, could you help?

(Thanks for the reminder, shadesong!)

Edit: Now $1,063. This is progressing in the right direction. Yay!
Whale fluke

Can you smellllllll...

I’m about 15 blocks away from a two-alarm fire. (No injuries, good to say.)

And yes, I can smell it. Outside. Plus I think there’s a hint of a haze. (I went out to the corner market just now, is how I know.)

I’ll be cocooned for now…
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