June 22nd, 2007

Whale fluke

For those about to blog, we salute you

I'll be more computer-bound than normal on Saturday, July 28th and Sunday, July 29th.

On those days at least two of my friends will be participating in Blogathon as a fundraiser for their chosen charities. From 9 a.m. Eastern Time Saturday to 9 a.m. Sunday, Blogathonners post once every half an hour. 49 entries in 24 hours, y0.

I'm going cross-eyed just thinking about it.

See, last year I both donated to three people's Blogathon charities and -- this I'm especially proud of -- kept commenting throughout the event. I was awake and engaged for 21 hours of the 24-hour event (finally crashing when it was still dark here, but dawning on the East Coast). And as I'm on the West Coast, three time zones earlier than the people I was sponsoring, I helped them "over the hump" (those almost-to-the-end, early-morning hours where, as Blogathon vet shadesong said, "you want to spork your eyes out") by sending them comments and keeping them engaged.

It's a surreal, strangely intimate experience, staying up and engaged that long on a computer and communicating during such a blogging marathon. You're all evermore punchy, likely to start giggling, and prone to bringing up truly weird-ass subjects. I was already friends with shadesong, and I started to become friends with her fellow Blogathonners slipjig and zarhooie that day.

I already know shadesong is doing it this year, as is zarhooie -- she'll return to her special LJ llama_go_moooo that she created especially for Blogathon last year. (I haven't yet heard if slipjig plans to do it again. No pressure, Adam!) And for at least a large chunk of that 24 hours, I plan to employ my mad commenting skilz (y0)...

P.S. For the sake of full(er) disclosure, I wasn't at my computer the whole time during Blogathon '06. I ran out to do errands (Fred Meyer shopping plus a comic-shop stop), but got back online quickly upon returning home. And I was blogging in my small way (here's my Saturday output; and here's my Sunday output).
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Darting and Jumping (lots got done)

Showering sounds good right now. Warm, muscle-easing shower. I'm actually kind of sore and tight, and I'd like to get less sore and less tight, thank you very much.

Today was productive, both at work and after. I started early and then left early (before 4), and for the first time in my life I cashed a money order (thanks, Aonie!). Did it at the post office, which is why I left work when the post office was still open. Deposited another check (thanks, 'Song!) and made it to a particular bus stop just as a particular bus -- hey! The exact bus I wanted! -- arrived.

And thus I took the #12 Sandy bus up to the Hollywood Theatre, and (eventually) bought a ticket to the Saturday charity screening of Joss Whedon's Serenity. I say "(eventually)" because I reached the theatre a little after 5, and the box office didn't open until 6:30. So I stopped at Things From Another World then had a dinner (steak, yo!) at the Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, about a block from the Hollywood.

This will be my third viewing of Serenity, and my first since watching the whole series of Firefly on DVD. And this weekend's showings are raising money for Equality Now, a cause important to Whedon and many others of us.

Totally unrelated P.S.: Another thing I'll see sometime? Spamalot!