June 26th, 2007

Whale fluke

Another thought about Serenity

I just realized this yesterday while reading kradical's novelization of Serenity:

Mal shoots and kills the poor guy ("Take me with you! Take me with you!") who's about to get eaten by the ravenous Reavers. That man who gets shot is the same one who earlier had tried pulling a gun on Mal and his crew (I hadn't realized that). And what did Zoe say when she disarmed him? "You know what a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed."

She could kind of be describing Mal.

Am I reading too much into that?
iAm iSaid

And for something lighter...

...actual article from CNN: When Orson Welles was a Transformer.

And an actual quote from that actual article:
Welles was not the only famous talent to lend his voice to "Transformers: The Movie." He was joined by Eric Idle ("Monty Python"), Leonard Nimoy ("Star Trek"), Judd Nelson ("The Breakfast Club") and Robert Stack ("Unsolved Mysteries").
That lineup just tickles me.
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