June 27th, 2007

Whale fluke

A stew of music and emotions

Quick break from starting work...

The radio show I'm listening to is playing a themed set: cover versions of alternative rock songs, followed by the originals. It opened with "Bizarre Love Triangle" (originally by New Order) as covered by Australia's Frente! (Yes, the exclamation point's in the name.) I really liked that, and also thought "Hey! That lead singer sounds cute!"

The next song triggered a different emotion: the early Tears For Fears song "Mad World"...as covered by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules for the movie Donnie Darko. I, um, could get wibbly listening to it in all its wistful glory, especially since I know what it's underscoring in the film. (I need to finally watch the full Michel Gondry video. And hey, I know where I can find it...) And after that was the Tears For Fears original, which just makes me happy, as Tears For Fears does.

Ah, the power of music...
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    Johnny Cash's cover of "Personal Jesus" (woo!)
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