July 20th, 2007

iAm iSaid

I Am an Official Blogathon Moral Supporterizer!

This is here partly to remind me to do something, and partly to let others know that they can do something, too:

Starting Saturday, July 28th at 9 a.m. Eastern Time (6 a.m. my time) is Blogathon. During Blogathon, for TWENTY-FOUR FREAKIN' HOURS, people post entries to their journals every half-hour. To salute their sleep-depriving efforts, people pledge donations to the bloggers' chosen charities.

Four people I know are taking part: shadesong, slipjig, zarhooie (via her auxiliary LJ llama_go_moooo) and rafaela (via her extra, also-made-special-for-Blogathon LJ star_barnkitty). One neat thing: They'll all be blogging from the same house, so they can help keep each other awake.

And while they slowly go all basket-case-y as the 24 hours progress, I'll be online on my computer, commenting like mad, helping keep them engaged, and giving them moral support. Like I did last year. That was a lot of hours, and a lot of comments. I even wrote a song:
It is on!
'Tis a writing marathon!
Words, many words, are its
sine qua non!
Not by swans!
Sri Lanka was once Ceylon!
The verge of sleep or psychosis is what we're all upon!
OK, now I need to figure out what I'm donating to them...

Cat visit

Relaxing time has arrived. I want rest. I stayed late at work, finally (finally!) working all the way through an e-mail backlog. Caught up. And then I headed off the hill.

Decided to treat myself; I got a BBQ pork sandwich at the Old Lair Hill Market. The place has cats. One of them, a well-fed Siamese, visited me. Within five minutes she'd gone from slightly sniffing my hand and deigning to sit kind of near me so I could reach out and pet her to being in my lap.

Made me think of what Alicia says: "You can't be unhappy with a cat in your lap."

I was able to use that cat visit.
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