July 23rd, 2007


There are no spoilers here

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: a good kind of complicated.

I finished it late (as in past 12:30 last night late). I'm seriously considering restarting the book and going through it at a more leisurely pace, now that I'm past the "OMG OMG what can happen now??!!" sort of thing. But at this moment, I like the book quite a lot. It's big and sprawling and complicated and messy and emotional, and Rowling has plenty of surprises -- good, bad, and horrible -- waiting inside it.

I just really liked this weekend in general: it was a unique moment, of so many of us devouring this book simultaneously. It's probably the closest we can come to having a story downloaded straight into all our minds, Matrix-style. (I have a feeling I have more to say about this, but my tired mind's not finding the thoughts and converting them into words. More thoughts later, likely...)

I'm also glad I saw the fifth Potter film right before getting the book; without giving too much away, Order of the Phoenix is especially important to the seventh book.

(Oh, and for all y'all who've finished it, check out cleolinda, who's been very wrapped up in observing Potterdammerung, and doing so with her usual wit and perspective. Spoilers definitely there, under cuts...)


A joke my co-worker David told me:

What was the first text message? SURRENDER DOROTHY.

And this bit of randomness just occurred to me:

You can't spell "OCD" without "OCD."

I know. I'm a strange kid.
Whale fluke

Tangentialus! (Yesterday's Harry Potter readathon)

I feel I can admit this after hearing Rick Emerson talk today about how he spent time figuring out what music to play while reading the seventh Harry Potter novel (he finally settled on a cello CD), because I did the same thing. I wanted instrumental music, nothing too discordant, with a tinge of fantasy to it. And I took the deciding process pretty seriously; yes, I'm a geek, as if there was ever doubt.

I thus now present the soundtrack to my reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Patrick Doyle's score to A Little Princess (Doyle did the waltz-friendly score to Goblet of Fire, by the way)

Orchestra-and-piano pieces by George Gershwin, including "Rhapsody in Blue" and "An American in Paris"

Danny Elfman's score to Big Fish (twice), and later his concert piece "Serenada Schizophrana"

Bernard Herrmann's scores to Vertigo and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

John Williams: all three Star Wars prequels

Gustav Holst, "The Planets" (which, I think, was a musical influence on Williams's "Hedwig's Theme")

Howard Shore's scores for all three Lord of the Rings films
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"Pledge" is a good word

I've registered to be a sponsor in this year's Blogathon.

I've submitted pledges.

I'll be at my computer A LOT Saturday and Sunday, communicating with the people I'm sponsoring. And then, after we've all caught up on sleep, I'll start writing checks.

I've pledged various amounts for the causes of zarhooie and her special LJ llama_go_moooo, slipjig, rafaela and her special LJ star_barnkitty, and shadesong. All four people are amazing and formidable. Three of the four will be blogging from the same house. This should be...dynamic.

Looking forward to this, I am, I am...
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