August 3rd, 2007


Bouncing into San Francisco

I've made it. Hotel Beresford Arms, San Francisco, reached via a Portland cab, a United jet, and a bouncy SuperShuttle van from the airport to the city. I'm punchy and giggly.

Tea is called for. Yes it is.

So now you know I've arrived. This shall be fun.

(Must resist long entry...must get tea and then visit family and friends...)
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Second post from San Francisco

The Greater San Francisco Metropolitan Area! Pixar is here! ILM is here! The Mythbusters are here! Daniel Handler is here! Starfleet Headquarters will be here!

This is a cool place. I've been here once before, overnight in 1995 while driving home from an L.A. trip. I didn't see much other than from the car: I made sure to stop at Ghiradelli Chocolate, of course, and also a film-music-geek location, the record store that Intrada Records used to have. This time, I have more time. I don't have to make a high-speed pass...

My big accomplishment today, once I reached the hotel on Post St., was to walk to the Ferry Terminal and along a short bit of the Embarcadero. I zigzagged through downtown so I could walk past the TransAmerica pyramid. Window cleaners were working on two sides. I once again realized I could never do that job, and walked on. (It made me think of the film I'd heard had been planned once, with Jackie Chan as a window washer at the World Trade Center. A film cancelled by events beyond the control of Jackie Chan. (Or even Chuck Norris.))

So: so far here I've seen an anti-Bush protest, the top level of a BART station, the message "SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO -- THE CITY OF INDUSTRY" that's written on the side of a hill south of San Francisco (it was a detail in Daniel Handler's novel Adverbs), the bay, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and the glorious sight of the roasted duck noodle soup and Thai iced coffee I was about to have for lunch.

Tonight is the reception at a gourmet pizza place. Now, I'm going to relax in my room, digest, and see if I can tune into Jayn (a former Portland DJ) on Radio Alice.
Whale fluke

Miscellaneous San Francisco impressions (3rd SF post)

I napped for an hour or so after that first long walk (the Thai iced coffee didn't prevent it!). I turned on Radio Alice, though it turned out that Jayn (a DJ I like who used to be in Portland) was off today. I'll try to hear her Monday, then...

I did another big walk this afternoon, after napping. I walked up, and I mean "up," Jones Street to the top of its hill, hoping to see the bay north of the peninsula. It was socked in, so no sign of Alcatraz, oh well. The other views were staggering, though. At one cross street I sat down on a curb, looked down towards the next cross street, and figured I was 5 to 6 stories higher than that street.

I am amazed at the engineering that was required to build this city. San Francisco is amazing.

On that walk, I saw this sign:

Ice Cream

Hopefully not all at once, I thought...

And finally for now, I am a film music dork: earlier I was trying to think of music related to San Francisco and the first thing to come to mind was Hans Zimmer's theme to The Rock...
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A mildly maudlin moment

At the rehearsal dinner tonight (dreamy gourmet pizza from Pauline's Pizza in the Mission District) was a server who reminded me of a woman I knew in college.

A woman very high on my list of "women I should have asked out, damnit."

Story of my life: not doing stuff. I never knew if this college friend of mine was even available, because I never asked, and I never gleaned from context whether she was taken or available or what. And I've done this a lot, so the result is that I'll get a crush and know Ms. Whomever isn't available, or just subconsciously assume that, and nothing happens other than the life I have.

And the thing is, I know what I need to do: be more active, do more stuff, meet more people. I need to volunteer again, maybe at an animal shelter or an animal hospital. I drifted away from my volunteer work at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts in part because I was one of the very few twentysomethings volunteering: the vast majority were middle-aged or retirement age. And I want to aim for someone, um, closer to my age.

It's possible. I have to remember that. (Hmm. Maybe I should volunteer at Oregon Ballet Theatre...I do like the look of dancers...)

I don't plan to use LJ for dating purposes. That would just remind me of the rather large number of lesbians I know. ;-) Again, that whole "not available" thing.

OK. Wanted to get that off my chest. (And yes, Kat, I'm still straight. San Francisco won't make me gay!)
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