September 7th, 2007

Whale fluke

Woe Is I (which actually is the correct way to phrase that phrase, but I digress...)

I haven't been commenting as much on y'all's LJs lately, and often my commentage has been quick and silly and not-in-depth. Part of the reason is this week's exhaustion; I also should say that my decrepit computer has developed an aversion to the sponsored LJ pages with Google Ads. LJ's okay, Google's fine, but the combination makes something in my computer go DO NOT WANT and close my browser.

I'm glad that, for the most part, I have your e-mail addresses so I can reach you that way, plus access to other computers that aren't sickened by the sight of ads on LJ, but if you've wondered why I'm been kind of quiet (quietish!), that's part of the reason why.
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Cat lovers, you'll like this

Words of wisdom, written by co-worker David while working at work:

"I am wondering if it is not possible to abduct a cat. Human abduction is kidnapping; canine, dognapping (by inartful extrapolation); but catnapping is just going to sleep."