September 14th, 2007


This morning I'm Linky McLinkerson

A woman robbed a Klamath Falls, Oregon bar while wielding a sword.

I'm glad all the sword-wielders I know use those skills for good.

In weirder news, O.J. Simpson's being questioned in an alleged theft at a casino.

And in sadder news, Excerpts from Chris Benoit's diary have been released, and they seem to show signs of depression and dementia at least two years ago.

Later Addition: This makes me smile: a quick CNN piece about the astronauts interviewed for the new documentary In the Shadow of the Moon. This I've got to see. I saw the tone-poem-like Moon film For All Mankind back in 1989 at the Air & Space Museum's celebration of Apollo 11; the world is ready for another Moon documentary.


I'm warrrrm. Comfortably warm. Combination of a beer at dinner (Black Butte Porter at the Iron Horse -- I treated myself after work) and a long walk after dinner. The heaviest machinery I've operated since then is either my feet or my computer. I'm good.

Said on the phone between me and zarhooie just now

I connected to zarhooie via her cell phone a few minutes ago; she's driving to the Boston area, and I called to help keep her awake. And this exchange happened:

chris_walsh: *describes walking and bussing across SW and SE Portland to get to first an ATM and then the restaurant for dinner and then home*
zarhooie: Do you even have a fucking license?
chris_walsh: Hmm. A license to fuck? I should look into that!
zarhooie: *snorts* License! To! Fuck!
chris_walsh: *laughs*
zarhooie: You're a dork! You say these things and make me snort like a walrus!