September 19th, 2007

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Slightly (slightly) out of it

Strange night, strange sleep, strange dreams. And for some reason, last night I became a snot factory...but didn't feel sick in any other way. But I now feel a little "off." Is this start-of-being-sick "off"? Or just waking-from-weird-night-of-sleep "off"? I'm not sure yet!

So I'm blinking awake. We'll see how I am. Especially how I am after my shower.

More interesting updatery later...

In other news, I did a couple of good deeds yesterday! They included using the magic of PayPal to donate towards the emergency surgery costs for Spain, the rather recalcitrant cat who lives with author Cherie Priest (cmpriest). And as it turns out, I wasn't the only one who did so. I read this morning that Priest is calling the resultant pool of money the "Spain the Cat and the Inappropriate Brunch Fund," and that, ladies and gentlemen, caused my first big laugh today.

Edited To Add: I think I'm going to beg off taking part in this year's International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I'm thinking it might already be a little too hard right now for me to think like a pirate. Instead, I offer my participation in last year's International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
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Walker on Walker Part Two: meet Danny and Hans

Part Two of Film Score Monthly's "Walker on Walker," where composer Shirley Walker narrates her own career. This time we start around 1982 and reach the late '80s, where she started collaborating with two of the most influential film composers of the last two decades, Danny Elfman (starting with Scrooged in 1988) and Hans Zimmer (starting with Black Rain the next year).

I'm really wishing I'd had a chance to meet Walker. She sounds like a great person: gracious and funny as well as talented. (I love Elfman, but even he admits he's prickly.) And I've once again been surprised at how much work she did ("Oh, she worked on that film, too? And that show?"). She also worked well in a pinch, helping Elfman by writing a cue on Nightbreed (for which she was properly credited; she explains that in this excerpt). And, unfortunately, she dealt with biased cluelessness, like here:
Someone who I will not name but a composer who is a good friend of mine when he heard a cue I had written for Dick Tracy, which ended up not being in the film. They didn't want to have music in that scene; it was where the boiler explodes. And this guy who prides himself on his open-mindedness was just at a loss for words. And he finally blurted out to me, "Shirley! It sounds like a guy could have written that." You know? And then he was stumbling all over himself because of the implications inherent in that statement.
Whale fluke

For Portland readers:

My co-worker Amber told me about a Portland dog who is going to need a home (his owner's having to move from a larger residence to a smaller one). The dog's name is Hank, and he's a 2-year-old combination boxer, Doberman and pit bull.

Turned out I had info I'd gotten from copperwise and tanuki_green about the rescue/rehab group Pawsitively Pit Bull, and I passed along that info to Amber, who called it and left her cell phone number (as in, rescuing might be a good idea for this dog). That said, Amber's also asking around for people who might be able to take in a dog. So this is part of the networking effort.
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iAm iSaid

In the neighborhood of sick

NOTE TO SELF: If you're seriously thinking about staying home or at least going in to work late, you might really want and need to STAY HOME OR GO TO WORK LATE.

Hi. I'm sick-ish. So I went home. I'm partly prepared for rest, but first chicken soup and orange juice await...