September 21st, 2007

Whale fluke

Repost: Can someone help a Portland dog?

I wrote this Wednesday, and I wanted to bring it back to the top of my LJ:

My co-worker Amber told me about a Portland dog who is going to need a home (his owner's having to move from a larger residence to a smaller one). The dog's name is Hank, and he's a 2-year-old combination boxer, Doberman and pit bull.

Turned out I had info I'd gotten from copperwise and tanuki_green about the rescue/rehab group Pawsitively Pit Bull, and I passed along that info to Amber, who called it and left her cell phone number (as in, rescuing might be a good idea for this dog). That said, Amber's also asking around for people who might be able to take in a dog. So this is part of the networking effort.

Edited To Add: Amber hasn't heard back from Pawsitively Pit Bull.
Whale fluke

I feel profoundly unexciting right now.

Hi. I'm boring. At least for the moment.

Work's been work. Home's been quiet. I haven't talked about much personal stuff because there hasn't been much interesting to report. (Well, yeah, it's interesting to me, but it'd better be, I'm the one who have to live with me!)

Will this blog become scintillating again? I hope so! But I'm here, I'm not dead, and I plan to have a good weekend. That's fine for now.