September 23rd, 2007

iAm iSaid

"The sky is blue and all the fields are green/ My heart's as warm as a baked potato..."

This is a weekend of family and football. (Nicely done, Ducks! Yay for overcoming your second quarter! And Beavers and Washington State, we felt your pain.) Now I hope for the Seahawks to put the Bengals in their place...

After various errands in Southeast Portland yesterday (Music Millennium, the library, groceries at Fred Meyer, and adding minutes to my phone card, which is one of the few reasons I venture into Wal-Mart), I headed to my parents' place in Dundee. My Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy arrived here next, returning from a week in Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; they enthusiastically described the behind-the-scenes tour they got to attend. Chinese take-out dinner (while watching the aforementioned college football) followed, this time at another family house in Dayton. That's where my Uncle Greg and Aunt Peg live. (Mike and Greg are my dad's older and younger brothers. They were born at 4-year intervals; Mike and Greg were born 8 years apart to the day. By the way, despite their 4-year age difference, Dad and Greg are sometimes mistaken for twins.) My college-age cousin Cindy visited, too, late in the evening. I also got good visiting time with Mama, the Dayton Walsh's cat; she rested in my lap and purred at my petting. I think I startled her when I cheered at a sudden Washington State touchdown run (one negated by a USC score less than 20 seconds of game time later; eef), but she got over it quickly.

Today I relax more, cheer (I hope), and do scads of laundry.