September 27th, 2007

Whale fluke

A thought

Oh, if only the people who I hear say "I just don't understand [fill in the blank]" seemed to have any actual interest in trying to understand what they don't understand...
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Whale fluke

I love Portland's theater-pubs.

Portland is blessed in its collection of second-run theaters, most of which are theater-pubs. Beer and pizza do add to the moviegoing experience, even if you're not the one consuming them.

I'm thinking of this for a few reasons:

* In a few weeks the Mission Theater (where "Firefly at the Mission" was, naturally, held) starts showing the TV series Angel, in order from the beginning. I don't have specifics yet, and I might not be able to fit it regularly into my schedule (I was draggin' on the Wednesdays after Firefly, and I can't keep doin' that), but I hope to make it to at least one night.

* Starting tomorrow, the second-run theaters start showing Transformers. I will be seeing it. I refused to see it first-run, but I want to have the big-screen experience in all its ginormous ridiculousness (though I don't need the IMAX big-screen experience), so I'll watch...keeping in mind coffeeinhell's thoughts on the film...

* I've been building to a really especially sincerely cool other theater-pub-related thing. A week from tomorrow (drum roll, please): GoodFellas at the Bagdad, Friday Oct. 5th, 11:00 p.m. GOODFELLAS, YO. I've never seen it in theatres. I shall see it then. I shall.