September 28th, 2007

Whale fluke

...and guest-starring Wil Wheaton as Quagmire's love child! (Or not.)

Cool news-to-me via Wil Wheaton: Wil recently did a voice-acting session for a future episode of Family Guy that pays a sort of tribute to Star Trek: The Next Generation. He and Guy-maker Seth MacFarlane geeked out in their session.

Also cool: Wil adds that almost everyone from TNG is contributing to the episode, and that definitely includes Patrick Stewart, who A) is hilarious (I've heard him in person) and B) already works for MacFarlane on his other show American Dad.


My Saturday will involve attending that day of Stumptown Comics, a homegrown gathering of Northwest comic artist talent.

At least three people I know will be attending or working. I hope I can run into them. For those who will be there who know my name, but don't know what I look like, I can find at least two pictures of me online. (I have facial hair now.)

This is how I looked in April, at the Rick Emerson Listener Party.

And this is how I looked waiting to attend the Serenity charity screening.

(When I actually show my entire face on the Web someday, I'll tell you.)

Edited to include a note to myself: And The Hollywood location of Things From Another World store will be hosting DJ and comics fan Daria O'Neill Saturday from 4 to 6. Try to say hi to her!
Whale fluke

The Escape From L.A. that never was

Ain't It Cool News posts a profanity-filled description of a screenplay, never produced, of Escape From L.A., which would've been a prequel to John Carpenter's insane original Escape From New York. Spoilers, if you can call them spoilers for a film that was never actually shot.

There are actually three things about the eventual Escape From L.A. that I actually kind of like, horribly bad movie overall that it is: that Bruce Campbell was in it, that the ending went where it did, and that Shirley Walker and Carpenter kicked ass with their score.

But damn, as gorgeous as she is, Pam Grier makes an ugly dude.