October 3rd, 2007

Whale fluke


Sometime during the last few days, my cousin Walter and his wife Saskia reached the goal of their honeymoon travel: they summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

They arrived home in San Francisco last night, and called Walter's mom to let her know they'd made it. I just got her e-mail. She reported, "The moon was so full and brilliant that they hardly needed their head lamps while summiting. They arrived at sunrise which was a wonderful sight."

Congratulations again, Walter and Saskia. You are two impressive kids.


A pretty morning, in its way: Clouds had massed over Portland for rain last night, and by the time I left for the bus, they were breaking up in complicated layers, and the clouds were catching and reflecting and diffusing the light in unexpected ways. Parts of the sky and my surroundings would momentarily glow. The day was, for me at least, beginning gently.

The sunlight broke through the cloud in streams by the time the tram I was riding reached the upper station on Pill Hill. We were backlit leaving the station.

Other clouds look like they're preparing to rain again. OK. I've gotten my nice light this morning at least.

Unintended Meaning Thing-y

So the free Portland paper Willamette Week has changed its logo and format, and it’s been hyping itself with radio commercials where the Big-Voiced Announcer Guy (BVAG? Nah, that sounds bad) asks various Portland people their opinions on the new look. Each person – a Pearl District developer, a stripper, a Zoobomber – instead sounds off on his or her slice of the town culture. The most said about WW is when the developer says “You know, when you stand on this Willamette Week box, you get a river view.”

Hey, WW, I know you’re going for the humor of Portland’s different “types,” and your commercials still spread the message “We’ve changed stuff!,” but you sure it was a good idea for your ads to have the potential undercurrent of “People don’t listen to us”?