October 9th, 2007

Whale fluke

Can I be relieved?

The good news: An effort to repeal Oregon's domestic partnership laws for same-sex couples has apparently fallen short of having enough signatures to bring it to a vote.

The bad news: it apparently fell short by little more than 100 valid signatures.

On behalf of my family members and friends who are gay, I aargh on your behalf that this is even an issue in the first place.
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Whale fluke

Posted special for my fellow Kevin Smith fans

I giggle-fitted (can "giggle fit" be verbed? I say yes) at this item: a poster Kevin Smith had made for Sailboat: The Movie, an inside joke based on an inside joke. (You following me?)

It's part of the current batch of Smith's Auctions Askew, including other fake posters seen in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, set decoration from Chasing Amy, and the Milk Maid outfit from Clerks II.

(As seen at Silent Bob Speaks, as long as I'm pimpin' Kevin's stuff...)