October 14th, 2007

Whale fluke

Tell us how you really feel

Sighted on the bus this afternoon: a guy wearing a ballcap with the Yankees logo. Drenched in blood.

Even my dad (who's used the phrase "the hated Yankees" for much of his life) would probably say that's a little much.
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    New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks
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This is what I think is Good.

My afternoon highlight: walking through Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, book in hand (Holes by Louis Sachar), appreciating the foliage change, saying "hi" to walkers and bicyclists, pausing at pathside to watch the Willamette (and also to let knots of bicyclists pass when I'm not in the way), climbing paths up a bluff, and generally getting a nice combination of just enough sun and just enough shade.

I'm in a good spot.