October 20th, 2007

iAm iSaid

The dreams have been...eeentresteeeng...

In dreams last night I was part of a sit-on. Not a "sit-in," a sit-on, sitting on top of something apparently just on general principles.

And the sit-on was on the top deck of Portland's Fremont Bridge.

With Stephen Colbert and William Atherton, the go-to actor back in the Eighties for playing slimeballs (Ghostbusters! Real Genius! Die Hard!).

I was taking many many pictures of this momentous event. In my dreams. But getting photos out of dreams is, sadly, problematic.

Oh, and I had to smuggle parts of Transformers out of my hospital. To my dream-mind, I'm sure that made sense...
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This giving-gifts-to-people thing is a good habit...

I got a nice thank-you in my e-mail from Poppy Z. Brite (docbrite), as I sent Poppy and husband Chris DeBarr DVDs: Beavis and Butt-Head: The Mike Judge Collection (all three volumes) and the film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America.

I actually raised my arms and went "yes!" and laughed with happiness when I read Doc's note this morning.

(I'm also glad that Brite and DeBarr actually have the means to play DVDs. It wasn't until I sent the package that I thought, "Wait, do they have a DVD player?")

So to some of y'all, I'd alluded to getting something nice for someone. Now you know what that was.
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For my fellow Bruce Campbell fans

Portland B-movie lovers, attention: Bruce Campbell and Dark Horse Comics's Mike Richardson are taking part in tonight's taping of the live radio show Live Wire, 8:00 p.m. at the Aladdin Theatre. Tickets are $12 to $15. And the appearance was a worthy excuse for Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell to interview the two of them about their B-movie cred and the pleasure of getting to make their movie My Name Is Bruce in Oregon:

Rebels in the Backyard: Bruce Campbell and Mike Richardson, Uncut

MIKE RUSSELL: It's interesting that you keep referring to "Bruce Campbell" as a character. In "My Name Is Bruce," you play an alternate-universe version of yourself. How do Movie Bruce Campbell and the real you differ?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Well, the guy in the movie is a creep and a drunk and an idiot and a know-nothing.

MIKE RICHARDSON: He's "Gimme some sugar" Bruce Campbell.

BRUCE CAMPBELL: And I'm worse than that in real life.

MIKE RICHARDSON: You can't even believe it. When we see him now, we ask him, "Please -- play the movie Bruce."

BRUCE CAMPBELL: The fun thing is, if the character's named after you, basically you can do anything you want. Unfortunately, there are gonna be some people who leave the movie and go, "God! I had no idea he was such a jerk!"

You can't fight the people who believe movies are real. There's nothing you can do about that. Those people you torment. Unfortunately, I'm gonna lose a lot of fans because of this movie.
Bruce Campbell. Still The Man.
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Barbed-Wire Wreaths and Spiders

In and out of rain today; I'd planned on sticking close to home, but decided to take the bus to Lloyd Cinemas for the 3-D presentation of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I got the 3-D glasses (and was amused by the warning NOT SAFE FOR USE AS SUNGLASSES) and sat down in the theater earlier than I normally do, which was good because it was a well-attended screening. And I like that at the end, a little kid who'd enjoyed it said "That wasn't scary at all!"

The film's grown on me since its release. I was initially amused but not blown away by it back in '93, but I see a lot more of the work and the feeling that went into it; Nightmare is a more emotional film than I first gave it credit for. (The ending, though, still gets the "That's it?" reaction; what happens to Oogie Boogie is a little too Wicked-Witch-killed-with-water for me). Tim Burton, Henry Selick and Danny Elfman have a lot to be proud of. Great example of the film's emotional side: the scene after Jack Skellington's shot down, when the police annouce that the fake Santa's been stopped, but no sign of the real Santa means that Christmas is cancelled. Watch the kids; they've had this big scare and now they're getting a non-reassuring message from authority. The poor children have to recover from trauma (PG-rated trauma that's kind of funny, but still). It's a consequence that Jack doesn't see until things are almost too late.

Basically, I like that something as relatively dark and gothic and intense as The Nightmare Before Christmas works well for kids. I wonder if I could argue that it's almost subversive, but that would require a longer entry.

And Elfman's music, of course, is a treat.

When I left the film, Inner Eastside Portland was getting a respite from the rain, even getting sun breaks, so I took a walk before heading for the bus home. I stopped at the front shop and gallery at Shop People, a large arts studio at SE Grand and Oak. I'd heard of the place via its sponsorship of The Rick Emerson Show, and while Rick Emerson's not much of an art guy, he's a big coffee guy and he's been applauding the shop's installation of a new Coffee People. (Note for non-Northwesterners: Coffee People was a West Coast coffee chain, especially well-liked in Portland, that Starbucks eventually swallowed up; the shop and its drinks had many fans and there's still a Coffee People presence at both Portland International Airport and online.) Well, Shop People got the right to serve Coffee People recipes, and as a fan of its Mexican Hot Chocolate I wanted to support that.

The front shop has the coffee stand in a corner and art displays in the rest of the room. I told the guy behind the counter that I liked a wreath above us; the wreath was made from barbed wire, with a black leather belt wrapped around it. He thanked me; turns out he'd made that piece, along with a large barbed-wire spider and web in the window. Nightmare Before Christmas and barbed-wire art; I've shown my Goth-appreciater bona-fides today, I'd say.

Football next, Oregon at Washington. Go Ducks!

P.S. for my fellow LJers: anyone else not getting their e-mailed comment notifications? I haven't gotten any since noon yesterday. My inbox for my LJ is working properly, though that only shows what I receive on my own journal.