November 2nd, 2007

Whale fluke

Thought after first day-plus-some of NaNoWriMo:

I really wasn't planning to write a science fiction war book, but that's what started coming out of me yesterday.

I'm likely being influenced. The book I'm reading now? The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein, and that's a science fiction war novel. I hope I'm not being overly influenced. And I hope the ghost of Heinlein doesn't mind. (He's probably happy I'm a regular blood donor...positivie points for me!)

I'm still hoping I can make my book funny where possible, but something I'd hoped to work into the story probably won't fit, except as a tangent: I wanted to have a gift in the story called "Baby's First Mullet."

166 words this morning so far, in the 10-minute window I wound up having for writing before starting my office work...More later...
Whale fluke

"Gentle snark ensued"

I think I'm in love with (THE HAPPILY MARRIED, CHRIS, DON'T GO THERE) writer cmpriest for her description of seeing Laurell K. Hamilton speak last night in Seattle:
Much double entendre and gentle snark ensued. Sample:

LKH: "Anita Blake is really very open-ended."
Not to mention the baby incident:
As a side note, for Heaven's sake, if your personal baby is wailing in the middle of someone's speech, show some respect and take the baby out into the hall, would you? I realize that you don't want to miss one moment -- not one honeyed drop of wisdom -- from the speaker, but it is sublimely rude (to the speaker. to the audience. to the baby.) to trap a miserable infant in an auditorium. And furthermore, as we all know, babies will tend to doppler effect with other babies, spreading waves and blips and rippling screams with other -- heretofore docile -- infants around the room.

At one point, I counted four babies simultaneously doing their 80s-hairband-wail. They were like a little Motley Crue cover group, triangulated around the auditorium so as to provide the greatest possible disruption. It was enough to make a sane woman pray for dingoes.
The rest of said entry here. Priest's husband also has a worthy blog on all things coffee called The Way of Coffee. (Further Edit: I know several people who'd appreciate this: Aric the "Way of Coffee" guy describes the coffee corset.)
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Updates and stuff!

NaNoWriMo! Only 329 words today, but I have a story-structural idea. In other words, I know how to write what's next! Or to try to put it more poetically, I can see the shape the words will fill. (Basically I have two characters so far, and I think they get separated in a big way, and they need to get back together.

And if docbrite doesn't mind me stealing borrowing from Exquisite Corpse, I think one section of the story (what I've written so far) will be first-person remembrance, and the other main character's story will be third-person to some extent, limited or omniscient I'm not sure yet. Because I haven't written that.

Birthday! Thank you for the notes and thoughts, y'all!

Tonight! I'm going to Cort and Fatboy's special monthly screening (like I did last month with GoodFellas). Tonight they're showing the Oregon-made The Goonies (the movie that has Haystack Rock on the beach at Astoria, through the magic of film editing!). Before the flick I'll be eating and drinking, as it's showing at the Bagdad theater-pub. It's pub food that's good even if you're not drunk...