November 7th, 2007


I've Got (half) the Power

OY-a gev-OY-a (he said, fake-Yiddishly)...

Power's out in my apartment building. But not ALL of the power's out. It has two power lines into it, and one line's out, and because of the old building's eccentric wiring it's affected everyone differently. Most of my appliances are out, but most of my lights are on. The woman across from me and her daughter have almost no power, which is frustrating for them.

PGE still hasn't gotten to our building, so I got a quick shower in and left hella early. I got to my office nearly two hours early. OK, time for a hospital breakfast (and my hospital actually has decent food, but I'm not a big breakfast foods person)...

Meanwhile, You Can Has Links: the ninth Walker on Walker report, with more of Shirley Walker discussing her score for Final Destination, and here's today's nicely visualized Questionable Content.
Whale fluke

The precise type of smartasses at AM 970

Actual promo run by Portland's AM 970 Solid State Radio:
AM 970 here, reminding you that we don't take our civic duties lightly.

So in accordance with our required public service, as mandated by the FCC...

We'd like to remind you that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and the United States government is here to help you. Also, we have always been at war with Oceania.

Thank you.

I picked a good day to have no fridge

Due to power being out this morning to such things as my oven and my refrigerator, I didn't bring lunch to work, as I normally do. I decided I would go to the pizza place higher up on the hill.

No need. My office is feeding us today: pizza, pizza and pizza. I've had a slice of shredded beef-and-onion, and next I'll have a slice of vegetarian. I'm also eating a nice solid Caesar Salad, and am sipping fruit punch.

This is good.

In other good news, Discovery made it home safely.

Later: More good news! My power's back on. I found out by calling my phone. It lost power, so when it was out I couldn't check messages. Now I can. I CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
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