November 25th, 2007


The State of the Chris

It's time -- past time, really -- for a general me-update. I need to think.

My heart hasn't been into National Novel Writing Month this month. I'm at 6,000 words, but have gone a while without adding more words. I've had technical issues, too: I'd decided to leave the story on a private LJ page, the idea being I could reach it and write in it anywhere, but as my home internet program has been slow and tempermental -- sometimes just Not Responding -- I've had less access. So what I should have done was move the composing of the story to a Word document (and I do have a Word backup, of course) and continued from there. But again, there's the heart thing. So what I think I'll do is figure out how to make "Planet of Sound" a short story; I think it would work at shorter length. (And I only have two characters of note so far, which is thin for a novel, Nicholson Baker's Vox notwithstanding.)

Work has been...weird. And I really shouldn't go into any more detail than that. Sorry to be teasing.

On a happier note, I've been more active and exertional. I've lost a couple of pounds recently, and I could stand to lose a few more at least; even the two or three pounds' gone so far is noticeable in a good way. I feel better, physically. So I feel good about the level of exertion I'm getting, and I'm trying to keep it up. All of us can always be healthier...

My writing continues, even if not for NaNoWriMo. I like that I've gotten into the habit of chronicling stuff on this here LJ, and I've gotten good feedback about it (especially last summer's "Firefly at the Mission" reports). I have gotten into a bit of a rut of "drive-by postings" -- quick notes, links and such, not as much substance as I'd like -- and I want to be sure I Bring The Substance, both about personal life stuff and the media-related thoughts I've been doing. That's something I'm still pondering: Okay, Chris, what do you want to write now?

"Quo Vadamos. It means 'Where are we going?'" Good philosophy, care of the last episode of Sports Night...