December 17th, 2007


Backtracking a bit: Star Trek day during the Writer's Strike

For my later reference: Writers and actors picket during "Star Trek Day" (Monday, Dec. 10th) at Paramount. Several links and photos.

I want to watch this soon in case it goes away: hughcasey reports the disspiriting news that the crew running Star Trek Dot Com all got fired.

Added: Annoyingly, the message from the former site runners announcing they were gone has been replaced with corporate-speak saying how "committed" CBS is to "growing" the on-line Star Trek presence (also using the words "align" and "vision"). Heh: almost sounds like CBS corporate wants the content to come from fans who don't have to be paid. Hmm.
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A line o' links

I wish I wasn't late about this, but better late than never: yesterday Arthur C. Clarke, one of the first writers I ever became a big fan of, turned 90. And is still in full possession of his faculties, his sense of humor, and his ability to enjoy birthdays. (Here's a quick piece about his birthday wishes.)

In other links:

* cleolinda was interviewed by a Harry Potter fansite about her "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" parodies, including several Harry Potter films.

* Thirty years of LucasFilm Christmas cards.

* And, as found by yendi: Like me, Meghan O'Rourke wondered why she was rubbed the wrong way by this summer's film Knocked Up, and here are her thoughts on it.

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When cravings collide

Food cravings + whatever I had in the fridge = a dinner of rice and scrambled eggs.

I think I've done the same for breakfast before...
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