December 23rd, 2007

Whale fluke

Machiavellian Dreamin', on such a winter's day

See if you can follow this dream-plot:

I'm back in Hermiston, Oregon, where I spent three years as a newspaperman. I wander into the offices of my former employer, The Hermiston Herald, and encounter two people (the only ones in the office) sitting at a long table. They talk excitedly to me about the story I've found for them, and are asking me for details. I wander a little disconnectedly into another room, an empty one, think for a bit, then sneak back into the main room, see the two people are asleep, and sneak past them to leave...because I've just realized that they are not from the Herald but from a competing newspaper, trying to get me to spill info on a story they want.

I leave the door to swing shut, just loud enough that it will awaken them, and then walk over to the real Hermiston Herald office two storefronts over.

(I don't believe the sneaky people were from the East Oregonian...)

This also was a dream where people could stay submerged and holding their breath for seven days with no ill effects, and were now trying to stay submerged and holding their breath for fourteen...
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Happily covered in dog fur

I got to carry a dog today!

My parents and I headed up through the rainy Columbia River Gorge to visit a bunch of our family members (on my mom's side) in White Salmon: an aunt, an uncle, two cousins, one cousin's husband, their 14-month old daughter, and a two-year-old all-white toy Eskimo named Jasmine. Cute dog, calm (mostly) dog, and dog who looooooooves being carried. Which I did. She rewarded me with licking my face and ears.

We hung out, told stories, talked hospitals (the "cousin's husband" I mentioned is a nurse in training), ate thick nachos, enjoyed some wine and eggnog (not at the same time), watched some football, and even danced for the 14-month-old. She liked my dancing.

And now I'm home. I have Christmas gifts to wrap, a partial workday tomorrow to prepare for, and more Christmas family visiting to look forward to (much of my dad's side of the family will be in Dundee on Tuesday).
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