December 30th, 2007

iAm iSaid


Overheard just now on Fox's coverage of Seahawks at Atlanta, about a 47-year-old football player:

"I'm not saying he's old, but I heard they've discontinued his blood type."


Fox needs better football commentators. How much does Joe Buck know about football? Get him back doing color!
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Whale fluke


This is the best kind of "shocking" there is:

redscorner is getting her surgery.

She's named Erin. She created Project Erin (a.k.a. projectdownload) as a way to raise money for brain surgeries to combat her Chiari malformation and other problems. To put it more simply, she needed $10,000 to save her life.

Today an anonymous donor made a verified, actual, holy-crap-this-is-real donation of $9,000. Nine thousand dollars, now added to Erin's charity fundraiser account and placing her above $10,000. Target more than reached.

This woman has been through Hell to reach this point. Her story up to's a tough story. And she's lived through that Hell with a strength and a humor that have been stunning.

Now she can get past that Hell. Now she has a chance to get better. MUCH better.

If you want to congratulate Erin, go to her latest Project Download posting.

All the best with what comes next, Erin.

Now with more good news: Erin's posted the message she received from her anonymous donor, and her response to it.
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