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I got my money's worth out of the bus.

Thursday, I knew I'd be using a TriMet day pass. I wanted to be sure I made it count.

A $2.50 pass gets you two-and-a-half hours to board buses or MAX trains; a $5 pass gets you a full day of it. On and off, I rode buses from morning to night.

The big reason to ride them was to get to a job interview — I feel like saying too much about the interview might jinx things, sorry I'm being superstitious — that afternoon. So first, I took a bus in the morning to the 82nd and Powell Tik Tok; I'd been in the mood for a breakfast steak, and I wanted to get the day off to a good start. Maybe it'll be a good luck steak, I thought. So I had my diner breakfast, reading Dashiell Hammett while doing it (Red Harvest, his first novel), then I bussed home.

Later I changed into dressier clothes and headed out again, this time to downtown (umbrella in hand because rain was sporadic, and I'd rather not get drenched while in the nicer clothes). I hung out at [downtown building — maybe I'll be more specific later] then went up for my interview. We'll see what results.

Not on a set schedule after that, I wandered downtown. I happened past the Oregon Historical Society and for the first time attended: Multnomah County residents get free admission. I skimmed the museum; I appreciated the museum, and though I didn't look too deeply in there I know I can come back and look more. Then I spent time at the Central Branch of the library, as I often do, then headed back to the house.

It was night by the time I headed out again: one reusable bag's worth of groceries from the Hawthorne Fred Meyer. I timed my trip so that I wouldn't have to, say, wait an hour for the return bus; as the inbound bus neared SE Cesár Chavez and Hawthorne, I called the TriMet tracker to see when the next outbound buses would get to that intersection. One was due in 4 minutes (obviously I'm not taking that one), one was due in 27 minutes. I had my window, and my (short) shopping list. Getting that done felt like an accomplishment.

Today, I'm off to a slow start. I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm easing into the day. I probably won't need to use the bus today, but I have fare in case I do...