January 2nd, 2008

iAm iSaid

I'm not sick!!!!!!

This is a message for crystalsage: I've avoided sickness! I'm well!

(...and now I hope for my health vibes to emanate through my friends list to her, and from her to her friends, and on from there, so more of us can be NOT SICK.)
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As if I needed more proof the MythBusters people are cool

(Hey! Watch me imitate MetaFilter!:)

The TV show Mythbusters is produced by the mad geniuses at M5 Industries of San Francisco. It is a special effects company whose technicians have worked on all sorts of commercials and movies (e.g. a 7-Up robot, the Geico Gecko's little car, and the model airplanes that got blown up in Top Gun). Being both Net-savvy and too busy to give tours of M5, they offer a virtual tour of their facilities. M5 is run by Jamie Hyneman, who's the closest MythBusters has to a straight man, and Adam Savage, who's a special kind of nuts (and who shows his skills on his own website). He's built models for A.I., the Star Wars prequels, the second and third Matrix films, and Galaxy Quest, among others (some of which can be seen here). He's been involved in pop culture before, too; he had a small part in the mid-'80s video for Billy Joel's "Only Human (Second Wind)" (he gets rescued by the lifeguard).

And if you need any more proof that Adam Savage is a good kind of nuts, looky looky: He recently helped re-create the Time Bandits map! I bow to my fellow geek.

(Thanks to smwance for providing the link that started me on this link-collecting spree...)
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