January 7th, 2008

iAm iSaid

Happy Birthday, slipjig!

Y'all should give a flying fig
'Bout the birthday of our man slipjig!

(Hey, it's early.)

Happy birthday, Adam.

Later: Hey, let's keep this going!

Y'all should give a flying fig
'Bout the birthday of our man slipjig
Adult beverages one should swig
Or instead maybe fly in a Russian MiG
That he's a year older is good, ya dig
(He's still years away from needing a wig)
His partners all know he's their own Mr. Big
And he thinks well enough to still do trig
So dance a dance like a whirligig
To the beat of drums by Anton Fig
And happy-fun party time we should rig
To celebrate the birthday of slipjig!

Thank you.
iAm iSaid

The World Without Us, Suburban Edition

From Mental Floss, and seen by me via Wil Wheaton: the unfinished suburb of Rotonda Sands, Florida, just south of Sarasota (as seen here on Google Maps), with partially built houses being reclaimed by nature and roads to nowhere.

Pretty, in its way. (Shooting at sunset was a nice atmospheric touch.)

(Ooo, and in the comments to Wheaton's entry, someone linked to a LiveJournal community called Abandoned Places.)