January 15th, 2008


And now, birthday wishes, SUNG!

To a writer of my acquaintance:
octoberland,” I do proclaim, “is likely smiling now
At thoughts of happy birthday-ness, delivered to her. How?
By phone, by ’Net, by gifts in the mail, by censored signals of smoke
(They’re censored ’cause they’re racy enough to shock some gentlefolk)
And these convey in varying ways our fondness for this dame
Who marshals words and thoughts in ways that might bring her acclaim!
I cheer you on, octoberland, as you begin Year Next;
I hope this year brings joy, and hope, and “Paid to Jennifer” checks.”
Happy birthday, Jen. Make this a good year.
Whale fluke

This doesn't happen on your commute, right? And more

Tonight I shared the tram with a guy in a rabbit suit. He was part of a high school filmmaking team. A non-rabbit-suited guy faced another guy with a small video camera and filmed an opening segment as the tram descended from the top of Pill Hill ("Portland...is weird."), and for the next segment, the rabbit-suited guy danced.

Cool. I think I needed that dose of weirdness.


Comfort food tonight. Rice-from-a-box (a Mexican rice blend) with cuts of grilled beer sausage dumped into it. Good stuff. It should also be good as lunch tomorrow.


I will not write about American Idol.

Except for that.
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