February 1st, 2008

iAm iSaid

I win.

I'm immortalized! At least my words are.

I have a friend named happyspector. Once, when I wrote a particular line in this here LJ, he asked my permission to use that line in his writing. (As he put it, with edits so as not to reveal what he was talking about, "Can I steal that line for one of the [redacted] stories? I can very easily see [redacted] saying that to [redacted] (in Old Lords know what context), or vice-versa.") I said yes.

He did. I found that out last night, starting to read the most recent manuscript he e-mailed to me.

It's like an Easter Egg in a novel!
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Already one benefit of my finally (finally!) upgrading to a Paid LJ account: I can look at the sponsored LJs without the Google Ads crashing my browser! Woo hoo!

So I can comment on youse guys' Plus Accounts from my home computer now. Not being able to do that has been an annoying handicap. To quote Hannibal Lector, "Not anymore."
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