February 3rd, 2008

Whale fluke

"Jack Burton always says...'What the hell.'"

I don't yet have the brain power to do a proper review of Friday night's showing of Big Trouble in Little China.

Except to say that I'll be seeing Big Trouble in Little China again tomorrow.

Which, you could say, in a way is a review. I'm not going to watch that Wild Wild West flick again, after all...

BTiLC shows again tomorrow at 2:00; 6:30 is when the cheese glory that is Road House will screen at the same theater.

Also tomorrow will be thoughts on today. Mark your calendars. With, um, a 3. Except they're already marked "3," so don't worry about it...
Whale fluke

A belated birthday piece for celticfeministw

Three days late for adorable Columbus Zoo worker celticfeministw:

CFW! Birthday wishes for you! Maybe not right on cue, but missed only by days (a few)! Here's to your birthday-fu! I hope you have more happy days (a slew)! Snuggle-times with your husband and your pets you should pursue! If you like to eat it, maybe you should have barbecue!

I hope your birthday was happy, Cassie.