February 13th, 2008

Good Omens

A post with links that I like and that you might like as well, by Chris Walsh, age 34 and about 1/3

I've been meaning to do a list of media people I follow online. Most if not all are geeky. You should not be surprised that I like them.

Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell: http://culturepulp.typepad.com Reviews, interviews, journalistic comic strips, Firefly/Serenity geekery (he MC'd last summer's free Firefly screenings at the Mission) and more. He writes movie reviews the way I was trying to write them. I was a fan of Russell's before I even knew who he was: he drew a comic strip ("______ Kild the Hairlis Kat") that continued to run in University of Oregon student publications after he left (I started there right around the time he graduated). I loved that it was intentionally crudely drawn, but with the gloriously ornate pen name Vernon C. Wallingford III. Now he freelances for (among other places) The Oregonian and co-spearheads Serenity Tales, fan-made Firefly comics.

Fatboy Roberts: http://www.myspace.com/fatboyroberts He's co-host of KUFO FM's night show Cort and Fatboy, and on his blog he shows the side of him that you get when you meet him in public: thoughtful, funny and geeky. I'm very glad to be getting to know Roberts in person; we run into each other at least once a month, at the KUFO midnight movie screenings. (An edit, days later: And here's his official music blog for KUFO, too.)

Rick Emerson: http://www.rickemerson.com An intense man. Also unapologetically geeky, unapologetically liberal and, at times, spit-take funny. Emerson's had a lot of influence on my language (like saying tainted Chinese toys were "made of asbestos and hate") the past year-plus that I've been a regular listener of his radio show. And I wish I had his superpower: very precise exaggeration.

David Walker: http://www.badazzmofo.com Put here because I want to read more of his work, so this link is handy for me as well as you. Walker used to write reviews for the Willamette Week: now he writes and directs films, programs film festivals, and continues his pop-culture dissections in both the online and print versions of Bad-Azz Mofo.

Peter Ames Carlin: http://blog.oregonlive.com/idiotbox/ Carlin's the TV critic for The Oregonian, and someone I liked immediately when I started reading him. Thoughtful TV critique-age, because TV's worth thinking about. Gets to cut loose additionally on Rick Emerson's show; it's a strange pleasure hearing the two of them ricochet off each other.

Shawn Levy: http://blog.oregonlive.com/madaboutmovies/ Someone I trust to tell the truth as he sees it, even and especially when I don't agree with his reviews (which happens about a third of the time). Also part of The Oregonian's media coverage team. I'll always like him for his support of Portland screenwriter Mike Rich, and for once describing Return of the Jedi's Admiral Ackbar as (approximate quote) "a giant lobster with the voice of Winston Churchill."

Mark Evanier: http://www.newsfromme.com I've dipped into his column on-and-off for a while, and have read him more often during the Writers Strike. Here's a reminder that he's around and finding all sorts of neat media-related stuff to point out to y'all.

Daria: http://www.myspace.com/dariaandmitch I've been a Daria fan since first hearing her on NRK's morning show in 2001; now she's part of the afternoon show Daria and Mitch (with co-host Mitch Elliott) on 105.1 The Buzz, and continues to do the wonderful narrative exercise "Daria's Local Entertainment Guide." She's intense and hilarious. (The Tropicana commercial on Daria and Mitch's MySpace front page is one I forwarded to them!) I hope Daria someday starts a blog. I should ask her if she's considered one, in fact...