February 16th, 2008

Good Omens

Don't wanna write. That takes brains.

Blergh. I issue an apology to my on-line brethren: I don't feel like commenting right now, or writing big entries, or doing much other than waking up, cleaning my apartment, getting laundry done, and listening to Greasy Kid Stuff. So this will be a content-light morning on my LJ.

So you know, the only two unguessed movies in my "where is this quote from?" test were #4, Top Gun, and #15, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.
Blow My Mind

Comfort food.

Comfort food successfully consumed tonight:

* homemade chili (green peppers, onions (some sauteed), ground pork, kidney beans, canned diced tomatoes, and toppings of cheese and avocado)


* homemade milkshake (milk, blackberry ice cream, and a splash of Drambuie liquor courtesy philly420pdx).

I'm warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm.

And the day of low content continues...
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    Poe, "Terrible Thought" (from "Haunted")