February 22nd, 2008

Whale fluke

Of the crime of film music covetage, we find you: GUILTY. (Boom.) GUILTY. (Boom.) GUILTY. (Boom)...

Hey, leonardpart6! Got a spare $120? The mad archiving geniuses at Film Score Monthly's CD soundtrack division have created an 8-CD set of the music for the first four Superman movies -- John Williams's amazingly iconic work for the first film, the originally only barely-released II and III scores by Ken Thorne, and the never-released-at-all score for Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, by Star Trek's Alexander Courage -- plus all of the source music composed for the films, PLUS Ron Jones's music for a 1988 Superman Saturday morning cartoon that I didn't even know existed.

This is ridiculously archival, the work Lukas Kendall And Co. have done, and the music's all remixed and remastered to an extent similar to the 1997 re-releases of the original Star Wars scores. It's about as definitive as you can get. Wow.
iAm iSaid

Happy birthday, s00j!

Happy Birthday, s00j!

Sooj, I promise a little tune in your natal honor later, when I have a chance to write it.

Meanwhile, I can link to s00j's site, Skinny White Chick Dot Com. And her MySpace page, with her music audible and smile-inducing. And her "here's where to buy my CDs" page. Because you should.

a s00j fan and a s00j friend

4:14 p.m.: Later...is now...

Hi. Ahem:

(to the tune of "The Pixie Can't Sleep")

You've outlived Hendrix and Jim
Not to mention Jan...

...um. No. Try again, Chris, and less morbid and stealing-tunes-from-s00j this time!

(to some other tune)

Ya meet S.J. "Sooj" Tucker, ya want to tuck her in
Make her comfy, bring her food, and help her resterin'
(That's a word I made up now that really means "to rest";
I needed something like that word in this here rhythm-ness)
Because, ya see, she soothes ya with her voice, and that's no lie;
She plinks her guitar's strummin' strings and vocalizes why
We need the tunes like those she crafts, the sacred and the silly;
From Baba Yaga to Daffy and Bugs, she's sung about; yeah, really;
And now we pay a tribute (yeah!) to Sooj's awesome songs
And see her the next time she plays; to not do so would be WRONG.