February 29th, 2008

Whale fluke

"Price of Eternal Salvation: $12.79"

A Seattle company is selling reservations in Heaven:
Reserveaspotinheaven.com is standing by to take your order. For just $12.79, Nate Davis and Edgar Kim are selling reservations in heaven.

"Why go to church when you can go to our Web site," Davis said. "Click, click, $12 and you're going up (to heaven)," he said.

And those reservations come with a money back guarantee.

"We're men of our word," Davis said.

"If you don't get there, you're going to get your money back," Kim added.

...The disclaimer tells the truth: It's a joke; they have no affiliation with heaven and can't make any guarantees.

...Even Pastor Wayne [Taylor] laughed about it.

"'We're not affiliated with heaven,'" Taylor laughed as he read the site. "I thought that was so funny."

I love my family

I'm lucky; I'm related to people I'm very glad to know, worthy people who do worthy things. One of my closest cousins is Amy Thompson "Maxim" (or just Max) Walsh, up in Seattle; she and I are so alike in some ways that it's sometimes scary (even including our taste in women). She's the only person yet to give me a nickname that's stuck, probably at least partly because it's an in-joke between the two of us. She e-mailed me today with a bunch of happy news, and among the neat things she could report was her new job:
I've been thinking a lot about personal values systems and about what is idiosyncratic in my own system, let alone in other folks'. So in that vein, I've made it my task to identify my values as clearly as possible and to act in accordance with them as close to 100% as possible. So far so good I'm happy to report.

Example: Putting in my notice at a job that I should love, but really it drains all of my psychic energy. Gotta say no.

In its place, I am gonna start landscaping on Bainbridge Island again. Did it last summer. The property is on the east side of a bay, so the work, starting at 8 a.m., is looking out across the water, while surrounded by indigenous species of birds, flowers, plants and butterflies while the sun climbs overhead out of this crazy island mist. Plus, we catch a 45-minute ferry just to get there. I mean, c'mon! Really? Now, that! is the psychic reservoir I've been looking for!
I love that Max's found a good place. And I love how she describes it.