March 1st, 2008



It's quiet. Too quiet.

To make things less quiet, I did two voice posts last night: a short-short story and a poem, both of which I wrote back in Spring 2004 and pulled off of my computer files. I hope you like them. (Text is included! You can read along!)

Not much planned today: my big thing will be hitching a ride with Mom up to my office, so I can pick up a package that a certain delivery company whose name rhymes with Cred Hex has THRICE failed to pick up when it said it would, so I'm going to deliver it to a Kinko's. (I'll refrain from "delivering" it through a window. Yeah, I'm a little frustrated.)

P.S. It also rhymes with "Shred Pecs." And "Med Lex." And "Red Tex"...
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Never Errant Errands!

Portland's getting on-and-off rain, with moments of clearing to allow the glinting of sunlight off of all these freshly watered things. I rode through that shine this morning, with Mom in the driver's seat taking me up to my office.

(Finally -- finally -- a package that needed to be picked up by FedEx Ground is waiting at a FedEx Kinko's where it will definitely be picked up and returned to corporate offices. And the people at the store were nicer than the FedEx people I dealt with over the phone when I tried to arrange the previous three pickups that didn't happen.)

Mom and I had to pay attention. The only car routes up to OHSU are twisty, and sometimes counter-intuitive. We missed the turn that would've taken us up my preferred way, from the north side of the hill; so instead we took the southern route, Barbur to Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway to Terwilliger Blvd. to OHSU. It was good jogging weather, and a fair number of runners were out. Terwilliger winds through a park, and there's always at least one good-sized sidewalk along the road, plus several paths off away from the road and up and down the hillsides. And all was wet and warm (by late-winter standards).

We wound through our confusing campus -- "This looks like where we came from," Mom said at one point, "but I know it's not" -- and pulled up to where I could bring out the package. I took a roundabout way in, as the direct entrances to my office building are locked on the weekends, and once I was in my office I double-checked to confirm that I could at least go out the door closest to Mom's car. One of the weekend workers even asked if I needed help moving the package, which was nice of him, but I said no, thank you. And from there it was off the hill, to the Kinko's, and then down to the Sellwood Bridge and back to my neighborhood. Hugs and well-wishes ended the errand. By now, Mom's hooked up with both Dad and her sister Pat to go see Atonement; and I'm home, taking it easy.

Now to be productive other ways...
Good Omens

Public Transportation

Just over an hour: what it took to get home from grocery shopping this afternoon.

One big problem: the buses on southbound Route 75 (my first leg home) got delayed and bunched up. How much? After one reached my stop, picked me up and deposited me at 39th and Holgate, I started walking west along the Holgate straightaway towards home, kept looking back in case the Rt. 17 bus was on its way, and watched three southbound Rt. 75s, including the one I'd been on, roll past within two minutes of each other.

Plus I'm pretty sure I could've walked all the way from 39th and Holgate to home -- that's about 25 blocks -- and made it before the 17 did.

Not a brilliant day for the usually-more-reliable-than-this TriMet.

And now a moment that amused me

Before the grocery shopping and long trip home I just chronicled: I stop for early dinner at Common Grounds Coffee House. I order a lox plate. The barista says hold on, she needs to check if they have lox. She runs to a fridge. She runs back.

Her: Yes, we do.

Me: Good, you don't have to catch the fish!

Hey, we both chuckled.
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